No. 1. The Witness of the Koran to the Christian Scriptures. 8vo. 20 pp. 1/4 Anna.

Contains numerous Arabic quotations from the Koran, showing that the Injil is regarded as the Word of God. With a picture of the Kaabah and its enclosure.

No. 2. The Koran Examined. 8vo. 48 pp. ½ Anna

With pictures of the Kaabah, Mount Arafat, and casting stones at Mina.

No. 3. The Prophet of Arabia. 8vo. 40 pp. 1 ½ As.

An account of the life of Muhammad, prefaced by a short description of Arabia and the religion of its early inhabitants, with a picture of Mecca during the Hajj.

No. 4. The Lands of Islam. 8vo. 88 pp. 1 ½ As.

A description of Arabia, Afghanistan, Persia, Turkey and Morocco, showing their condition; with pictures of the Sultan of Turkey, Mecca, and other illustrations.

Papers for Muslims. The foregoing Nos. 1-4, complete in stiff covers, 3 As.

Selections from the Koran. 8vo. 232 pp. 8 As. Post-free, 10 As. Half cloth, 12 As.

Upwards of five hundred of the most important passages are given, with Headings, explanatory Notes, where necessary, and a classified Index. An Introduction treats of the Koran, its Divisions, Sources, &c.: the Creed, Duties, Sects and Feasts of Islam.

The Progress and Present Status of the Muhammadan Controversy. 28 pp. 1 Anna.

By Rev. E. M. Wherry, D.D.

The Historical Development of the Qur’an. 8vo. 150 pp. Rs. 2.

By the Rev. Edward Sell, D.D., M.R.A.S.

Christian Doctrine in Contrast with Hinduism and Islam. 12mo. 142 pp.

Full cloth, 8 As. Half cloth, 4 As. By the Rev. Dr. W. Hooper.

The Rise and Decline of Islam. 8vo. 43 pp. 1/3 Anna.

By Sir William Muir, late Lieutenant-Governor, North-West Provinces, and Author of a Life of Mahomet. With pictures of the Kaaba, Mecca, and Medina.

Roots and Branches. 8vo. pp. As.

A statement of doctrine suited to Muslims.

All orders to be addressed to MR. CHARLES STREET, Christian Literature Depot, Park Town, Madras. Catalogues sent on application.