A beautiful young girl's Christian response to Islamic persecution

Two girls at the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities
Two Turkish men in Göreme, Turkey
A young Egyptian in the desert
Woman making Turkish flat bread
Camel "Up close and personal"
Chinese Muslims in the Forbidden City
Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey
Halal meat in Guanzhou, China
Sulimaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
Egyptian sheep feeding near road
Three Christian martyrs, Malatya, Turkey
Hitler's Mein Kampf on sale in Cairo
Hagio Sofia Museum in Istanbul
Hagio Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
Chinese-Arabic sign in Beijing, China
An Egyptian in Giza, Egypt
An older Turkish woman
Egyptian tourist police, Valley of Kings
Egyptian children with teacher
Road site mosque near Luxor, Egypt
Iranian woman in Iranian mosque
Blue Mosque at sunset in Istanbul
Cairo, Egypt
Mount Hasan, Cappadocia, Turkey
Turkish gentleman, Istanbul, Turkey
Huaisheng Mosque in Guanzhou, China
Al-Hussein mosque in Cairo, Egypt
Muhammad Ali Mosque (Alabaster Mosque), Cairo
Children visiting Muhammad Ali Mosque, Cairo
Visiting ancient ruins in Sardis, Turkey
Two Egyptian women visiting in Giza, Egypt
Abulution area next to a mosque
Ceiling decoration of Muhammad Ali Mosque
Egyptian boys at Museum of Antiquities
Egyptian Museum of Antiquities
Interior of Al-Hussein Mosque, Cairo, Egypt

Islam and Beheading

There has been a world-wide outcry against the beheadings of non-Muslims in the Middle East. This is not surprising because there is a natural human revulsion against such grotesque and vile deeds. Likewise, some Muslims have been condemning the terrifying spectacle of these gruesome and bloody beheadings too.  


Of course, it would, indeed, be rare that anyone would ever argue that it is permissible to behead an innocent person. A rational person would consider such an argument moral insanity. It is axiomatic that an innocent person is never legitimately punished, let alone beheaded. Even the militant Muslims don’t believe that an innocent person deserves to be punished. So, why do they behead these individuals?

A Message to President Obama from a former Muslim

According to many Western leaders, ISIS is barbaric group of Muslims who have completely hijacked the religion of Islam. These statements shows their ignorance of the life and teachings of Muhammad. Do these Western leaders know that Muhammad had many people beheaded? Do they know that Muhammad bragged that he as made successful through terror?

Allah's Apostle said, "... I have been made victorious with terror ... 1

Quoting the Qur'an, the hadith, and the life of Muhammad, Brother Rashid shows that ISIS is following many of the teachings of Muhammad and his close companions.

On August 28, 2012 at 9:00 PM, Channel 4 of the BBC is hosting a program that explores the historical development of Islam. Professor Tom Holland investigates Islam in areas that a Muslim historian would never dare to explore for fear of his own life. Often, naive Muslims criticize Western scholarship because Western scholars investigate Islam without the uncritical presuppositions of Islamic scholars. It is simply too dangerous for an Islamic scholar to teach outside the bounds of orthodox Islam.


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