Christian Winter — Islamic Spring:
Why the deafening silence to Christian cleansing?

December 28, 2011

Egyptian Coptic Christians protest against violence: 25 were killed in October

In a recent article in the London Telegraph[1], Fraser Nelson discusses the tragedy of religious cleansing in Iraq, Egypt, Iran, and Lebanon.  Many Christians have been shot, firebombed, and others live in fear of constant attack both in their homes and churches. There were 25 Coptic Christians killed in Egypt in the month of October, 2011. Of the 1.4 million Christians living in Iraq in 2000, about two thirds of them have fled the nation fearing for their lives. In a single attack in October 2010, al-Qaida terrorists murdered about 60 Chaldean Catholic church members.[2]

On Christmas Day, 2011, the Islamist militant organization, Boko Haram, in Nigeria killed 49 people.

"The latest attack occurred on Christmas day in Nigeria, where the terrorist sect Boko Haram bombed two Catholic churches in the towns of Abuja and Jos, killing at least 39 worshipers. This same group killed 32 Christians last Christmas Eve."[3]